Cold-weather facing tape takes the bite out of sub-zero installations

Venture Tape's Venture Clad™ line of cold-weather acrylic tapes has warmed the hearts of two Ohio-based insulation contractors who used the all-purpose facing tape under tough weather conditions this past winter. Following are accounts from both installations.

Installers from Micon Inc. used Venture Clad to enclose ductwork at Northside Hospital. Venture Clad CW products are designed for use by contractors and fabricators working in cold weather and rugged environments.

Weatherproofing Rooftop Ducts in Sub-Zero Temps

Sub-freezing temperatures at Northside Hospital in Youngstown, OH, didn't stop installers from Micon Inc., Canfield, OH, from insulating 9,000 square feet of ductwork this winter. They installed Venture Clad 1577CW-E stucco embossed insulation facing over 2" FSK 6 lb. board, according to Larry Knittle, vice president of Micon.

"For the underside of the duct work, we pinned the board to the ductwork while the ducts were upside down and put on the Venture Clad," he says. "Then we had the sheet metal workers install the duct. This was done because we would have had only eight inches of clearance if the ducts had been installed beforehand."

Venture Clad (1577CW) is an all-purpose insulation-facing tape designed for cold-weather applications, including exterior finishing of air ducts, pipes, and other open-air installations. It is a zero-permeability, five-ply laminate construction and is known for its proven performance at temperatures below freezing. It is weatherproof and weather resistant. Coated with Venture Tape's patented CW™ cold-weather acrylic, the tape can be installed at temperatures as low as -10

Good on the Roll, Good on the Duct

According to Knittle, strong on-site winds didn't prevent installers from achieving pleasing aesthetic results.

"The previous product we used was very difficult to work with in the wind," he says. "Consequently, we had a bunch of unsightly wrinkles and bulges. Our workers complained, so we asked the engineers to approve Venture Clad for this job, and they did. It made a huge difference. The tape looks as good on the duct as it does on the roll."

Keith Balski, president and owner of Demand Insulation in Hinckley, OH, used Venture Clad (1577CW-Silver) on a job at Wadsworth Hospital in Wadsworth, OH.

"We had 10,000 square feet of ductwork covered with mastic, which didn't work, so we needed to apply the smooth version of Venture Clad over the old jacketing," he says.

"The conditions these two contractors faced are exactly the reason why we developed Venture Clad and, most recently, Venture Clad Plus," says Lew Cohen, president of Rockland, MA-based Venture Tape.

"We already had an extensive line of insulation adhesives, but we kept hearing from customers that cold-weather installation was a problem. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop innovative products that meet customers' needs, so we went to the lab and came out with a facing tape that solved this customer problem," he says.

Venture Clad goes on smoothly and requires no additional rivets, strapping or sealants. No off-site fabrication is required, and it can be installed at temperatures down to -10˚F with no solvents or primers required.

Speeding Installation

Wind at the Wadsworth Hospital job was sometimes a factor, according to Balski. "If it was really blowing, two people were needed to do the install," he says. "Otherwise, one person could do the job with this product.

"Another consideration was that everyone could see it from the hospital windows, so it had to look good when it was completed, which it did."

Balski rates the product as being extremely efficient. "The old metal-embossed product meant you had to measure, go to the shop, cut, fit and then install. With Venture Clad, it's a one-stop shop, a complete package right at the job. All you need are a pair of scissors and a tape measure."

Knittle agrees that Venture Clad speeds the installation process. "Our workers love working with this tape," he says. "They can cut it with a utility knife and don't need any special tools like with a metal jacketing or other products. Our workers have nothing but good things to say about this product."

Cost Savings

Besides being easy to install, Knittle says Venture Clad is a good value. "Compared to what we used previously at these temperatures, this product is in a class by itself," he says. "The cost/value is very high because of the money you save on labor."

"There's no comparison in terms of reducing labor costs," agrees Balski. "We don't like to use anything else." Balski is so enthusiastic about Venture Clad, his company provides samples to engineers.

"We ask engineers to specify Venture Clad instead of metal, and they have in hundreds of jobs. Engineers should specify this product all of the time," he says.

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