Dr. Evgueni Todorov has joined EWI as a Senior NDE Engineer. Todorov has 18 years of academic and industrial experience in non-destructive testing and electronic measurement instrumentation. He specializes in eddy current (EC) testing and other NDE Methods. Todov is currently Level 3 in EC and Ultrasonics. His main focus will be research and development of advanced and specialized NDE methods and techniques for a broad range of applications. His efforts will also include optimization of existing and novel techniques through modeling and simulation. Vikram Thyagarajan has joined EWI as an Applications Engineer in engineering and non-destructive evaluation. Thyagarajan has several years of experience in non-destructive testing, finite element analysis and structural health monitoring. He is involved with projects related to phased array ultrasonics, as well as digital radiography, acoustic microscopy and conventional ultrasonic testing methods. In addition, Thyagarajan has also worked on dynamic, modal and stress analysis to structures using finite element codes in `C' and using softwares (Ansys, ABAQUS, Hypermesh).

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