CCI Eurolam, an established supplier to the PCB industry in Europe, has been named distributor for InteliCoat Technilith APF Artwork Protect Film for customers in Germany and France. The company, which has emerged as a preferred provider over the last 30 years, will carry all varieties of the APF Artwork Protect Film, including new matte and super matte finish films. CCI Eurolam will deliver the PCB protective film from stocking locations in Germany and France and other sites in Europe. Designed to protect PCB artwork from scratches and chemical solutions, APF Artwork Protect Film is manufactured by InteliCoat in cleanroom conditions. The film's clear, thin barrier offers high light transmission and low haze. Its 1-micron overcoat/release/anti-static liner ensures easy cleaning and prevents mask and airborne contaminants from sticking to the phototool. "For three decades, CCI Eurolam has distinguished itself as a source for the highest quality products and support for customers," said David Neal, Director of Sales for InteliCoat. "We look forward to our association with CCI Eurolam and enhanced service to our growing customer base in Europe."

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