Acumeter Laboratories has announced that Adherent Laboratories will now run May Coating Technologies' (a division of Acumeter Laboratories, Inc.) customer lab trials. The people of Adherent Laboratories share over 70 patents in the areas of hot melt, water-based, epoxy and urethane adhesives. Also, each principal has over 30 years of experience in adhesives and materials product development. Acumeter Laboratories, Inc. has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing precision web coating, converting and hot-melt processing equipment. As part of this agreement, Adherent Laboratories has purchased May Coating Technologies' laboratory coating equipment. In addition, Don Albrecht, May Coating Technologies' research manager, has now joined Adherent Laboratories and will continue to run May Coating's lab trials on May Coating equipment. Albrecht will also continue his work on process development issues and help with May Coating design requirements, as needed.

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