MACtac’s JT5529P stretch-and-heat film was developed specially for use in large-format promotional and signage applications, such as this Hummer for a Memphis radio station.
Wrapping a car, or even a bus, with full-coverage decals is an everyday occurrence for many graphics companies. Wrapping a Hummer is a completely different experience. A rugged vehicle with a complex surface of exposed nuts, bolts and hardware, Hummers present unique coverage challenges not easily solved by traditional overlay films.

Excel Graphics, Whitestown, Ind., solved the problem for its customer, Flinn Broadcasting, owners of radio station Hot 107.1 in Memphis, Tenn., with MACtac’s JT5529P stretch-and-heat product, part of the IMAGin Series.

IMAGin JT5529P is different from traditional films in that it can stretch and shrink-wrap itself around all sorts of objects with the use of a heat gun. A unique feature is that during installation it can be applied, removed and applied again for a precise fit around bumpers, curves, bolts, door handles and other surface glitches. The advanced properties of the adhesive enable it to adhere for the long term to almost any vehicle surface, including the stainless steel exterior of a Hummer.

A Full-Coverage Look

Previous attempts to place decals onto the Hummer had not been successful, according to Excel Graphics. “With IMAGin, we were able to heat the material and stretch it into all of the Hummer’s cracks and crevices,” said Wayne Willis, president. “Normally, the decals would need to be cut and seamed, leaving a pieced-together look. The unique heat-and-stretch application of IMAGin gave us the standout, full-coverage look we wanted. The Hummer looks great. The material is still right where we applied it.”

The IMAGin 5000 Series is a grouping of adhesive-backed vinyl films that were developed specifically for use in large-format promotional and signage applications. The JT5000 Series product line offers short- to long-term vinyl print surfaces with removable or permanent adhesives in the most popular roll sizes. Additional benefits of the Series include:

· High print quality and consistency;

· Materials tested and approved by Scitex, Gretag, Mutoh, Nur and Vutek;

· Excellent acrylic adhesive for removable or permanent applications;

· Special reverse-wound materials on four-notch cores for use with Gretag’s Arizona printer;

· Easily accessible technical information via the MACtac Web site and the company’s customer support line, 866-622-8223.

For more information:

For more information on IMAGin products, contact MACtac, 4560 Darrow Rd., Stow, OH 44224, phone 330-688-1111; fax 330-688-2540; or visit the company’s Web site at

For more information on Excel Graphics, contact the company at 6220 South Indianapolis Rd., Whitestown, IN 46075; phone 317-769-6137.