One of the most critical requirements for dispensing a uniform and repeatable single- or plural-component bead is to have the metering, mixing, and dispensing as close as possible to the substrate. This requires XYZ actuators capable of moving the entire dispensing system precisely and accurately over and over again. The C-450 XYZ Desktop Dispensing Platform is one of the most robust XYZ dispensing platforms on the market with one of the largest payload capacities in the industry. This tabletop unit provides a seamless integration between motion and dispensing. The C-450 is designed for applications such as gasketing, sealing, bonding, encapsulating, filling and other automated dispensing needs. It is offered with a 13" x 11" motion envelope, servo motor drive, and +/- .001 repeatability. Windows-based software, which is loaded on a separate laptop, makes programming simple and fast, and a graphical LCD interface provides all the commands for operating the unit.

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