Adhesives Research Inc. supplies critical adhesive spacer tape component for blood coagulation meter.

Adhesives Research Inc., Glen Rock, PA, a leading global developer and manufacturer of specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) coated products, provided an essential adhesive spacer tape solution to HemoSense Inc., a medical device manufacturer, that enabled the recent successful launch of its INRatio™ blood coagulation meter.

The INRatio testing system, used to monitor the clotting time of blood for patients taking oral anticoagulants, is based on HemoSense’s proprietary electrochemical detection technology that combines traditional electrochemistry with modern sensor technologies. This advanced technology eliminates the need for the complex and costly optical detection systems found in other devices; however, the technology is sensitive to the volume of blood delivered to the reaction cell.

The microfluidic test strip for the blood coagulation meter features a die-cut, “candelabra-shaped,” three-channel capillary flow path in the adhesive tape layer for these reaction cells. Because of this critical component’s design, HemoSense recognized that it was essential to find an adhesives supplier that could accurately control the thickness of this material while meeting all of the other functional requirements of the device.

“Adhesives Research was willing to make the investment in time and effort to partner with HemoSense to develop the specification and processes needed to produce the adhesive layer used in the INRatio test strip, which enabled the successful development of this new technology,” said Gary Hewett, executive vice president of Operations for HemoSense.

Adhesives Research was able to meet HemoSense’s needs by providing ARcare® 7841 for use as a spacer tape in the construction of the test strips. 7841 is a 1-mil clear polyester film coated on both sides with Adhesives Research’s AS-110 acrylic, medical-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive. It features excellent conformability and good bonding properties, and is compatible with biological fluids and reagents. The thin, flexible properties of this film allowed for the clean die cutting required by HemoSense’s unique design. Overall, ARcare spacer tapes offer tight tolerance and uniform total product thickness. This reliability of product dimensions produces consistent fluid volumes and spaces that allow for more concise measurement of fluids in the channel, an effective means of reducing measurement error in diagnostic devices.

About Adhesives Research Inc.

Adhesives Research’s PSAs are used around the world in medical diagnostics and devices, wound care, pharmaceuticals/transdermals and consumer products, as well as other markets such as electronics, automotive, displays, window fabrication, and the pulp and paper industries. Founded in 1961, the company offers solutions in adhesive polymerization, mixing, adhesive coating and release liner design supported by product development and analytical support. Based in Glen Rock, PA, it also operates manufacturing facilities in Ireland, Australia and Colombia; has sales and marketing offices in Great Britain, Germany and Singapore; and sales representation in Japan and Taiwan. For more information, phone 800-445-6240 (717-235-7979 outside North America) or

Sidebar: HemoSense and the INRatio System

Based in Milpitas, CA, HemoSense is a medical device company that was incorporated in 1997 and in March 2000 launched its INRatio Prothrombin Time (PT) Monitoring System for sale in the United States for patient self-testing at home and for use by medical professionals. INRatio tests and records the clotting time of blood by way of PT testing, which is the key blood test used for monitoring patients taking oral anticoagulants such as Coumadin®. INRatio is the first product that applies HemoSense technology to assist healthcare professionals and patients in the management of oral anticoagulation therapy.About HemoSense Inc.

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