At Air Products, we understand the demands placed on adhesives in today's manufacturing environment. Ultrahigh production speeds demand adhesive formulations that have the strength to go the distance, while reformulation away from solvents, and products with silicone, bio-accumulative tendencies, and other undesirable properties also pose significant challenges for the adhesives formulator.

Air Products has been committed to delivering innovative products to meet your requirements for more than 40 years. Our surfactants have been the multifunctional problem solvers for water-based adhesive formulations, providing an ideal combination of good coverage over low-energy substrates and low- or non-foaming properties - even under dynamic conditions. Today, we offer a range of technologies that provide exceptional benefits in your adhesive formulation.

For adhesive applications, Air Products' Gemini surfactants - Surfynol and EnviroGem additives - include low- and non-foaming wetting agents and defoamers for low-, medium- or high-viscosity formulations. Our highly efficient, multipurpose additives won't interfere with peel, tack, shear and other properties in your finished adhesive, and are available in an assortment of grades to meet a broad range of FDA requirements for direct and indirect food contact. Air Products' offering also includes a comprehensive selection of solvent-free, low-, and zero-VOC additives, and 100 percent-active liquids, all delivering multifunctional performance in your adhesive formulation.

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