The Nimix IBC-based mixing system can be used to transport a chemical intermediate from one location to another within the same plant.
The Chemineer Nimix mixing system is the ideal solution for applications that require higher levels of product purity or those involving noxious, corrosive or toxic substances. Its completely sealed mixing chamber provides an intrinsically safe, emission-free processing environment.

The Nimix Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)-based mixer units were selected by a UK manufacturer of specialty chemicals to transport a chemical intermediate from one location to another within the same plant. To avoid piping product across the production site, these Nimix intermediate bulk container/mixers were selected because they were transportable, easy to clean, capable of complete IBC emptying and could be used to re-suspend the product prior to the next stage in the process.

Two 1,500-liter IBC-based mixers, together with a Nimix drive station and an automatic docking station, were installed. The Nimix IBCs can be moved by forklift, and when re-suspension is required, the IBC is placed on the frame over the Nimix drive station. Back stops guide the IBC onto its docking position while air cylinders fire taper-locking pins to hold the unit in position and the IBC mixer drive elements are connected. Safety switches protect the operator throughout the entire procedure.

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