To obtain optimal process solutions for their customers, Asymtek has teamed with Cookson Electronics' Semiconductor Products Division on a new project to jet underfill. Cookson visited Asymtek's application labs to test their fluid materials on Asymtek's X-1000 Series, configured with the new DJ-9000 DispenseJet. "Many of our customers use Asymtek's technology," explains Mandar Painaik, Technical Services Engineer at Cookson Materials group. "We wanted to learn about Asymtek's equipment so we can recommend the best materials for our customers." This collaboration enables the investigation of new and innovative jetting methods and material optimization. The two companies will work together as a part of Asymtek's "Win3" program, in which key fluid formulators, technology institutes and equipment suppliers join together for the benefit of customers, each other and the industry as a whole. One common customer uses Asymtek's Axiom and Millenium platforms with the DispenseJet and DP-3000 pumps for dispensing underfills. A die placement machine, reflow oven and batch oven are in line with the dispensing equipment. The customer reported better dispense volume control with Asymtek's jetting technology and Cookson's Staychip 3082 underfill material.

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