A new selector guide from DYMAX Corp. features a wide range of materials for electronic and electo-optical assembly, as well as a selection of compatible light-curing equipment. All materials cure in seconds upon exposure to UV light. Products include solvent-free conformal coatings, chip encapsulants, thermal management and optical grade materials, removable masks, potting compounds, and special materials for LED encapsulation and assembly. The selector guide describes the processing information, agency approvals, unique features and benefits of each adhesive, and photographs illustrate their use in a variety of electronic applications. Designed for harsh environmental conditions, many coatings are both Mil Spec and UL approved. Some coatings are easily repairable and grades are available that fluoresce brightly upon exposure to black light. Other coatings form glossy protective surfaces and exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide variety of glass-filled epoxy, metal and ceramic surfaces. Coatings and encapsulants are available that exhibit excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces such as polyimides. Equipment for dispensing and curing coatings and encapsulants are also pictured and described along with their cure parameters. Conveyor-mounted systems, for use in high-speed automated assembly, are shown with high intensity spot-curing systems and stand-alone curing chambers.

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