EFD has introduced a new type of benchtop fluid dispenser that uses positive displacement technology to apply accurate, consistent amount of 2-part epoxies and other assembly fluids that change viscosity during the dispensing process. Ultra 2800 Series positive displacement dispensers reduce rework and rejects, minimize waste, and improve productivity by: dispensing the same amount of material every time; providing more deposits from a given quantity of material; and eliminating the need to adjust settings to compensate for changes in fluid viscosity. The new 2800 Series dispensers are mechanical, electrically operated systems and do not require the use of compressed air. The fluid to be dispensed is contained in a disposable EFD syringe barrel. A powerful stepper motor inside the dispenser console connects to a piston inside the syringe barrel via the proprietary DispensLink - a lightweight, flexible drive cable. During operation, pressure from the powerful stepper motor is used to advance the piston a pre-set distance and produce a consistent, metered shot, regardless of changes in fluid viscosity. As each dispense cycle completes, a programmed mechanical pullback retracts the piston to prevent fluid from oozing between shots. Two different 2800 Series dispensers are available. Both are fully compatible with EFD's precision syringe barrels, pistons, and dispense tips. The 2800-10 dispenser uses 10cc syringe barrels, while the 2800-30 uses 30cc barrels. Each model can store settings for up to 100 different dispensing applications.

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