For over 20 years, FITECH AG, Switzerland has been actively involved in the field of mixing medium- and high-viscosity compounds for reactive adhesives and sealants, where it is very important to process without exposure to air and humidity. The vertical PASTE Mixer VM-V is available in change-can version or as a batch-in-batch fully closed system in sizes from 50 to 250 gal. The main features of this single-shaft unit provide an efficient high-shear phase for short powder wet-out, as well as a gentle agitation motion for thorough mixing and temperature distribution, achieved by the oscillating and rotating mixing tool. Once the process is completed, the finished batch is discharged under vacuum or inert into a nearby holding/buffer tank, thus making the mixing tank available for the next batch without cleaning and/or exposure to the atmosphere. Typical residual material inside the tank is less than 4 percent.

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