Accumetric LLC has introduced the following new Firestop Products:

Boss 136 fire/smoke stop sealant - non-combustible, can be used for virtually all through-penetration applications; Boss 139 fire mortar - non-combustible, ideal for sealing fireplaces and wood-burning stoves; Boss 760 100%-silicone firestop sealant - prevents the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases and is not affected by water or climate extremes; Boss 810 non-intumescent latex firestop - a general-purpose firestop that prevents the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases. It is ideal for sealing around pipes, conduits, HVAC and plumbing applications; and Boss 814 intumescent latex firestop - expands to form an insulating char that fills the voids around melting pipes or cables. It remains flexible after curing, making it ideal for electrical and other cable applications.

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