Adhesives Research Inc. will be showcasing its latest ARclean electronically clean PSA technologies for hard disk drive assembly at the DISKCON USA 2003 Conference and Exhibition on September 9-10, 2003, in San Jose, CA. Representatives from Adhesives Research's Electronics Business Unit will be available in booth #202 to discuss these ARclean products and the Company's capabilities to develop custom PSA products for the HDD industry. The latest generation of ARclean products are ultra low-outgassing with improved cleanliness that are available with either permanent or cleanly strippable properties for rework. These electronically clean PSAs are acrylic acid-free with ultra low total VOCs and low extractable ions. Use of these adhesives minimizes HDD system crashes due to contamination while minimizing media fogging and head corrosion. ARclean cleanly strippable tapes also help to eliminate labor costs and the contamination associated with adhesive residue during HDD rework. These electronically clean tapes are available with cleanroom compatible, non-silicone and low extractable silicone polyester release liners.

For more information, call 800-445-6240 or 717-235-7979 (outside North America).