Speedline Technologies, Inc. has announced that its MPM Gel-Flex conformal board support system reduced set up time by 50 percent in customer beta testing. The system also demonstrated increased process yields and dramatically reduced wiper frequencies when compared with other tooling systems. The beta testing revealed that customers like the Gel-Flex system's low maintenance requirements, ruggedness and durability. The solution also was seen as being considerably less expensive to own and operate compared to customized tooling options. "The Gel-Flex Tooling system has increased our process yields and eliminated the spike defect rate for broken parts by almost 100 percent," said Kevin Hussey, manager of process engineering, Morey Corp., a provider of high quality electronics manufacturing services to industry leaders. "Using other tooling products, we would occasionally see a spike in our defect rate when the screen printer was set-up incorrectly. This error would damage every board of the work order until we noticed the problem or changed over the product. The Gel-Flex system has effectively addressed this challenge, and we would highly recommend it to other board assemblers in the industry."

For more information, visit www.speedlinetech.com .