MultiTherm's IG-1 heat transfer fluid has been designed to offer an economical alternative and highly refined thermal fluid that includes temperature ranges from 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C) to 550 degrees F (288 degrees C). Properties include a high flash point of 442 degrees F and very low vapor pressure. The product is also non-toxic and non-hazardous. Not only does IG-1 resist thermal breakdown in closed-loop systems, but it has a long service life as well. Asphalt, road paving equipment, paper and particleboard, die-casting, and roofing compounds are just some of the applications for this product. In addition, the company also offers MultiTherm FF-1, a specially formulated flushing fluid used to clean systems during start-up to remove foreign material and during general maintenance for removal of loose particulate and used heat transfer fluid prior to recharging the system. FF-1 is an economical way to remove loose material such as weld splatter, fines, particulate matter, etc. left in lines and equipment, along with oil and some preservative coating. This fluid is compatible with MultiTherm fluids and many others as well.

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