Each Year, the Adhesion Society conducts a research competition for students, the objectives of which are to promote the field of adhesion and encourage student participation in the Society's Annual Meeting. The competition is open to anyone past the first year of graduate study who will be enrolled in grad school at the time of the Annual Meeting. In the first part of the competition, students submit a short paper covering their own research. The work may be framed in the context of their advisors and fellow graduate students' contributions but must focus on the applicant's own original work. A panel reviews these submissions and the best papers are selected as winners of the Peebles Awards. Each Peebles Award winner becomes a participant in the competition for the very prestigious Alan Gent Distinguished Student Paper Award sponsored by Loctite. A special closed session is held at the Annual Meeting where each student gives a 10-minute oral presentation followed by a question and answer period. The committee will select and announce the Alan Gent Best Student Paper Award winner at the meeting. The deadline for submissions for the Peebles Award has been officially extended to Nov. 15, 2004.

For more information, visit http://www.adhesionsociety.org or e-mail Steve McKnight at shm@arl.army.mil .