Spiroflow Systems, Inc. has introduced a new Bulk Discharger designed for use with Bulk Bags, Rigid Bins or 50 lb. bags. The unit is particularly suitable for batching operations requiring ingredients from several sources and supply methods. The Type 7 Discharger (T7 BBD) is a versatile emptying system that can easily manage a processing line using different storage containers. The unit employs a controllable discharger and a subframe with a special adapter that allows bulk bags and rigid bins to be fully or partially discharged such as in a batching system. The upper frame uses a sealing mechanism that eliminates product loss during discharge. For easy handling, a bulk bag or rigid container can be placed on the subframe with forklift channels. The T7 BBD can be retrofitted in an existing process line and functions with most conveyor types including flexible screw, aero-mechanical and pneumatic. Contents can be fed from the bag/bin by volume or weight to downstream process or packaging machinery. Other product features include an interlocked access door that lets the operator untie the bulk bag spout or unload small sacks of product into the conveyor.

For more information, visit http://www.spiroflowsystems.com .