GENIOMER is the name of a new generation of thermoplastic silicone elastomers from the WACKER Group. These novel hybrid materials offer a property profile previously unseen in either thermoplastics or silicones. Applications range from process aids for the plastics industry to innovative uses in medical technology. In chemical terms, GENIOMER is a polydimethylsiloxane/urea copolymer that combines the typical properties of silicones with the advantages of a thermoplastic, i.e. a thermally moldable polymer. Its novel property profile stems from a symbiosis of inorganic and organic components. A silicone forms the basis of its soft segment, which is responsible for the product's excellent elasticity. An organic group builds the corresponding hard segment, which offers strength and heat stability. WACKER SILICONES has developed a proprietary process to cure the soft segment. The curing process is physical instead of catalyst-based. A key advantage is the resultant high purity and absence of byproducts.

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