UltraVolt Inc. has announced the introduction of its new TF Series of test fixtures designed to help make accurate inline measurements of high voltage power supplies and systems up to 40kV DC. Each TF Series unit, coupled with a conventional meter or oscilloscope, is a stand-alone test fixture optimized for high voltage testing. In designing the TF Series, UltraVolt has stepped beyond conventional technology, maintaining the capacity of much larger test fixtures in a mere 16.24 sq. in. "The TF Series evolved from the demanding needs of our own test department," said James Morrison, Executive Vice President. "Now our customers can have access to the same technology for their incoming inspection, production test, calibration, and R&D efforts." The TF Series configurations consist of AC viewing cap, high accuracy, and compensated DC divider units. These models enable customers to support accurate measurements of ripple, noise, pulses, absolute DC, DC stability, DC line regulation, and DC load regulation.

For more information, visit http://www.ultravolt.com or call (800) 9HV-POWER.