A new brochure, entitledEnvelope Adhesives 101, describes the many types of envelope adhesives, their characteristics and typical formulations, and is now available from National Adhesives. According to the literature, envelope converters require a variety of adhesive formulations to match the variety of machines and applications in their operations. For example, front seal adhesives generally come in three types: remoistenable front seal, latex cohesive seal or pressure sensitive seal. A chart is included in the brochure that compares the formulations of remoistenable front seal adhesives with their required properties. Back seam adhesives are generally mechanically applied (stencil) or extrusion applied. The literature provides explanations regarding the adhesion, resistance to penetration blocking, humidity resistance, color, non-wrinkling and non-staining requirements of back seam adhesives. The brochure also contains information on the proper handling and storage of finished envelopes, and provides answers to commonly asked questions relating to envelope adhesives.

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