The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) and its member companies recently presented Dyneon with its Environmental Achievement Award in the Non-metallic Gasketing Division, recognizing the significant contributions the company has made to a safer and cleaner environment. Chemical Engineering magazine was a co-sponsor of the contest awards. Dyneon, with IDT Industrial Gasket & Sealing Technologies of Germany, a manufacturer with a wide range of gasket process products for the chemical and pharmaceutical/health science industry, won the award with a case study on the use of PTFE/stainless steel envelope gaskets primarily used in applications requiring excellent sealing properties, such as those seen in chemical processing plants. Dyneon and IDT also received honorable mention from the FSA for a case study submitted on serrated, stainless steel gaskets with PTFE layers designed for use in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) applications in the pharmaceutical/health science industry. Over the past ten years, there has been a concerted effort to discontinue the use of asbestos-containing gaskets used in chemical processing plants because of potential health and environmental concerns. Working collaboratively with Dyneon, IDT developed the PW-I stainless steel gasket that incorporates the material advantages of Dyneon TFM PTFE to provide for low leakage, high blow out and chemical resistance.