Sartomer Co. has released Polyurethane Concepts, a 14-page technical booklet written for formulators of polyurethane coatings, adhesives, and elastomers. The booklet contains three in-depth articles that present the findings of recent studies evaluating the performance of Sartomer's polybutadiene polyol and prepolymer products in various polyurethane applications. The new booklet is patterned after the company's "Concepts" series, which includes Cure Concepts, Coating Concepts, and Composite Concepts. The articles featured in Polyurethane Concepts include: "Low Hydroxyl Functionality Poly bd Resins Deliver Improved Performance"; "Measuring the Compatibility of Krasol Resins with Polyether or Polyester Polyols"; and "Polybutadiene Resin-Based Prepolymers: The Star of Today's Most Demanding Applications."

Readers can obtain a copy by calling 800-SARTOMER.