TiO2 in the News

TiO2 Suppliers Seek Price Hikes

DuPont Co., Wilmington, Del.; Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, Hunt Valley, Md.; and Kronos Inc., Chelmsford, Mass.; have announced price-hike moves for titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments, which were effective July 1. Industry sources said the increases are the result of strong demand in the markets for TiO2 pigments and efforts by suppliers to reverse the steep price erosion experienced in 2001.

One industry source said TiO2 suppliers have seen significant gains in pigment demand so far this year. Meanwhile, TiO2 suppliers are striving to recover lost ground due to severe pricing weakness during the economic downturn of 2001, when prices tumbled as much as 10% or more. Major TiO2 suppliers also made price-hike moves in March, with those increases being described as "partially successful." Two rounds of price increases also have occurred in Europe so far this year.

The price increases include the following:

  • DuPont Titanium Technologies announced price increases for TiPure titanium dioxide (TiO2) grades sold in North and South America. The increases are 6 cents/lb in the United States; 9 cents/lb (Canadian) in Canada; 9 cents/lb for laminate grades in North America; $100/mt (U.S.) in Mexico; $150/mt (U.S.) in Central America, the Caribbean and Brazil; and $100/mt (U.S.) in all other South American countries.

  • Millennium Inorganic Chemicals announced price increases for TiO2 pigments in North and South America. The increases are 6 cents/lb in the United States; 9 cents/lb (Canadian) in Canada; $100 (U.S)/mt in Mexico; and $100 (U.S.)/mt in the Caribbean and Central and South America.

  • Kronos Inc. has increased TiO2 prices by 6 cents/lb in the United States and 9 cents/lb (Canadian) in Canada. Comparable price increases will be enacted for other export markets, the company said.

    Intertech Announces Plans for TiO2 Conference

    PORTLAND, Maine -- Intertech Corp. has announced preliminary plans for its eighth international titanium dioxide forum and business-development conference, TiO2 2003, scheduled for February 3-5, 2003, in Miami. Organizers said the conference program will address various topics, including regional TiO2 consumption rates and the effect of rising prices; industry rationalization; and end-user developments on pigment demand in paper, plastics, paints, ink and textiles. Also to be examined are trends in feedstock quality and supply; opportunities for specialty TiO2 grades; and the effect on TiO2 due to the use of other opacifiers, such as clays and precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC). Two optional preconference workshops are also scheduled.

    Intertech is accepting submission of topics from potential speakers for the conference. To submit a topic for consideration or to request a complete conference brochure, contact Scott Stephenson at 207-781-9800, or e-mail info@intertechusa.com. The company's Web site is located at www.intertechusa.com.