Company Description

Techcon Systems, Inc., an OK International Company, was established in 1961 to service industrial fluid-dispensing markets and has continued to be a product innovator in dispensing applications. Techcon offers the widest array of fluid-dispensing products in today's industry and provides dispensing solutions ranging from disposable accessories, microprocessor-controlled dispensing systems, precision valves and robotic XYZ tables.

The company solves thousands of challenges - one at a time. Whether you are dispensing high-viscosity or low-viscosity fluids, Techcon's application engineers will assist you in designing a system that meets your manufacturing requirements. With offices and partners located throughout the world, Techcon's network of dedicated partners continues to provide customers with "local dispensing solutions ... worldwide."

Company Capabilities

Techcon provides solutions ranging from micro dispensing to gallons per minute. Techcon has provided recent solutions for the medical industry, which include; hearing aids, heart valves, ultra-sound equipment, blood filters, medical fluid valves, catheters as well as many other medical products.

Techcon's laboratory facility allows the customer to send in its adhesives, parts and specifications for an equipment recommendation. When the testing phase is completed, a report will be generated and sent to the customer. Techcon also offers an application video of the testing procedures that can also be provided upon request.


Techcon's silicon-free facility is headquartered in Garden Grove, Calif. Our facility has a large demonstration lab and a level-six clean room. A custom machine shop is available for special orders. State-of-the-art, quality-control processes and equipment are compliant with ISO 9001-2000.


Techcon offers a complete line of dispensing components to meet the demands for speed, accuracy, repeatability, flexibility and cost efficiency. o XYZ Gantry Table

o Syringes and Cartridges

o Dispensers and Controllers

o Valves

Techcon products are stocked and available in strategic locations in the United States and throughout the world. For your dispensing solutions, contact us at 714-799-9910, and our friendly staff will assist you in getting the answers you need.