Construction Adhesives

The Loctite home-construction adhesive line includes Loctite Paneling and Drywall, Loctite Subfloors, Loctite Power Grab and Loctite Power Grab Pressure Pack. Loctite Paneling and Drywall is a heavy-duty construction adhesive developed for bonding large surfaces such as paneling, drywall, molding and trim. Loctite Subfloors is specifically developed for application on old and new subfloors to help eliminate squeaky floorboards. Loctite Power Grab is designed for multi-surface use on surfaces such as concrete, brick veneer, treated lumber, plywood and drywall, eliminating the need for nails and screws in many applications. The Loctite Power Grab Pressure Pack dispenser uses a built-in adhesive-dispensing system designed to make application easy.