The calculator will help you estimate the throughput of your line.
“How much faster can I dispense if I automate my line?” This is one of the first questions that someone asks when looking for ways to automate an existing production line or when deciding between manual or automated operation on a new line.

In the past, the only way to answer this question was to perform a lab test. However, in some cases, an estimate is all that is needed. For these cases, Liquid Control has developed the Throughput Calculator, which aids in calculating the approximate time it will take to dispense a pallet.

The calculator tool was created based on empirical measurements of the P-200 Point-to-Point Automation Platform, combined with mathematical, theoretical formulas. (See sidebar.)

The Throughput Calculator can calculate the total time to dispense one part, the total time to dispense one pallet, and the expected hourly and daily throughput. Since it is interactive, pallet configuration and distance between parts can be changed to obtain the optimum throughput.

For example, for a 10- x 5-inch pallet with 1-in (25.4-mm) distance between parts on the X direction and 1⁄2-in (12.7-mm) distance on the Y, and an estimated dispensing time of 1 second, the total throughput per day is 11,702 parts or 3.1 seconds/part. A loading and unloading time of 1.5 seconds and one 7-hour shift per day was estimated.

Liquid Control still recommends the actual wet-test demo for absolute numbers.

Point-to-Point Motion Platform for Dispensing Applications

The first point-to-point motion platform for dispensing applications provides complete automation solutions for potting, sealing, bonding, doming and other dispensing needs.

Offered with a 20-inch x 20-inch envelope, the X-Y actuators utilize ball screws driven by servomotors for highly accurate +/-0.003” repeatability and 20-pound payloads. Five programs can be stored in the memory and easily recalled from the front-panel display.

Featured benefits for the P-200 Series include Windows-based programming software and intuitive operator interface. The P-200 is offered at a competitive price to provide a fast return on investment.

Visit Liquid Control Corp.’s Booth #18087 at Assembly Technology Expo; Sept. 24-26, 2002; Rosemont (Chicago). The Throughput Calculator is available on Liquid Control’s Web site:

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