Danaher Motion has introduced the Thomson TN Series of rugged and reliable precision linear actuators. The units are an alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and are available with three motor types to meet a variety of application requirements. The TN-D actuator features a cost-effective 24 VDC motor. When combined with a Superior Electric CD control unit, the complete system provides simple extend-retract motion, positioning to pre-determined stopping locations, or positioning to an analog voltage command. The TN-S/P actuator features a stepper motor and is ideal for applications that require high load and duty cycle, in-position holding, open-loop operation, and repeatable positioning to 0.0005 inches. Compatible Superior Electric stepper drives complete the system. The TN-B actuator features a brushless servo motor and offers very high acceleration and duty cycle for the most demanding automated motion applications. Its accompanying Superior Electric servo drive is designed to optimize the performance of the servo motor.

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