Aetek UV Systems has added features to their UVXL Universal UV Curing System, making the product even more useful in a variety of drying and curing applications. New features include: modular compact power supply; dedicated microprocessor control; upgraded shutter design; and available dichroic liners. The Aetek UVXL system uses medium-pressure mercury arc lamps. The outer housing, reflector support and shutters are precisely designed aluminum extrusions that provide exceptional optics and cooling efficiency, yet are strong and easy to maintain. The reflector inner liner is easily replaced to maintain peak curing efficiency. The Aetek UVXL curing system is available through OEMs on new mid-to-wide web presses and coaters, and directly from Aetek UV Systems for retrofitting existing machines. The Aetek UVXL is especially compact and well suited for applications with limited available space.

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