The PURFECT GLAZE adhesive system integrates easily into back-bedding operations.
A new bedding system from National Starch and Chemical Co., Bridgewater, N.J., enables window manufacturers to bond glass to vinyl and wood sashes with greater strength, more quickly and with lower labor requirements. These benefits can result in overall processing savings of up to 30%. Called the PURFECT GLAZE(tm) adhesive system, the product integrates easily into back-bedding operations. The system includes hot melt application equipment and the specialty adhesive.

Based on polyurethane reactive hot melt technology, this specialty adhesive has passed AAMA(r) verification and has been subjected to an additional battery of tests including UV exposure, accelerated weathering, performance under wide temperatures and humidity, and air/water/structural testing. Unlike other wet glazing systems such as silicones and acrylics, PURFECT GLAZE adhesive results in handling strength within two minutes of applying the bead to the sash. The high green strength permits most manufacturers to package their windows within minutes and ship within the hour from bedding the glass, without causing quality complaints.

PURFECT GLAZE adhesives PG 38A and PG 69A develop strength (more than 200 psi for PG 69A) within 30 minutes of application. Under most conditions, users will notice the following:

  • lower labor costs;
  • increased productivity from existing assets;
  • fewer field complaints from warped, bowed or leaky windows;
  • less work in progress;
  • less inventory; and
  • increased ability to meet short-lead-time orders.
For more information on PURFECT GLAZE adhesives, contact National Starch and Chemical Information Center, One Matrix Dr., Monroe, NJ 08831; phone 800-797-4992; fax 609-409-5699; e-mail; or visit Or Circle No 73