Our customers include:3M, DuPont, Motorola and Raytheon, UNILEVER, Medtronic, Hewlett-Packard, and Toyota. Large-, small- or medium-sized companies in a variety of industries have found that we offer integrated dispensing solutions to production, automation, and design engineers, as well as to managers who are looking for precise combinations of adhesives, robots and dispensers.

For R&D, prototype design or increased productivity tools and for bench-top or full-scale automated dispensing applications, we offer a modular, integrated approach to all types of dispensing applications. We help you spend your time focusing on refining your assembly process - not chasing suppliers and manufacturers for the tools you need to meet your goals.

Our low-cost bench-top XYZ tables and robots will reduce the cost of automatic dispensing.

For an affordable and practical addition to your production, our low-cost bench robotics offer solid performance, top-quality improvements and hours of operation - in short, increased efficiency. Our robots and tables have a well-proven record - with hundreds of installations in the United States - and offer the kind of improvements you want with respect to capacity, ease of use, low maintenance time and reliability.

Combined with our UV materials and curing solutions, allow us to help you succeed with the most demanding applications.

Our video service (you pay only for the shipping) allows you to see a fully programmed robotic and dispense operation assembling a sample of your specific parts. The application is documented on your choice of CD disk, .avi file or videotape and sent to you, before you purchase, in the format of your choice.