New sealing technology for thermoformed plastic clamshell and tube packaging from DYMAX Corp. provides aggressive bonds to PVC, PET and R-PET plastics. Ultra Light-Weld 3081 and 3082, the new UV/visible sealants, cure upon exposure to UV light in seconds. Production line speeds of up to 30 feet per minute are possible. These products create crystal clear bonds and eliminate the marking or discoloration that can occur with heat-sealing RF or sonic welding. Their efficient and effective sealing of PET and R-PET suggests their use where corrosive gasses and chloride by-products could adversely affect electronics or other sensitive packaged components. Use of UV curing technology for plastic packaging eliminates costly tooling, set up, capital equipment expense and high-energy (heat) expense. Each adhesive comes in standard and T (thick) viscosity grades to suit various dispensing and flow requirements. DYMAX provides UV curing conveyor units suitable for processing most package sizes. The range of product properties includes superior adhesion, multiple viscosities, minimal shrinkage and low outgassing.

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