Conn & Co. designs and manufactures industrial mixing equipment. Complete mixing/dispersing drive assemblies are available, with motors, reducers and speed controls that meet customer requirements.

Recognizing the need for mixing/dispersion blades that provide good pumping action instead of plowing action, the company has brought to the market three patented blades under the trade name Conn Blade®. Users may discover new equipment isn't needed, just the right blade.

The ITT style features a combination of louvers and teeth, and has a reputation as being the most efficient and aggressive dispersion blade available. It provides the most positive material movement and is ideal where high shear is required for a rapid and smooth blend, or when high shear is not required but is not detrimental.

The IT style has the louvers that provide the same superior pumping action for fast, smooth mixing, but without the teeth, making the IT gentle enough for shear-sensitive materials. Since the center area of the ITT- and IT-style blades is a working area, a higher blade-to-tank ratio or larger blade diameter can be used, making both blades very effective in higher viscosities where material flow and circulation are a problem.

The ITC is an eight-vane, open-style blade and is not as aggressive as the ITT, but it provides more shear than the IT while allowing excellent material flow. All the blades are readily available to retrofit and upgrade your present equipment.