About Ultra

Founded in 1952, by five entrepreneurs including John D'Amico, Ultra Additives began business in a rented 2,000-square-foot building in Belleville, N.J., under the name of Ultra Adhesives. John D'Amico took over sole ownership in 1982, the year his son, Ted D'Amico, came into the business. The company began weeding out non-core product lines, specifically finished goods, and turned to intermediate chemicals and additives as its focus for the future. In August of 1985, Ultra Adhesives, Inc., became Ultra Additives, Inc. Ultra has matured into one of today's most progressive developers and manufacturers of anti-foaming/defoaming agents worldwide.

The administrative, sales and marketing, and the Edward C. Scholl Technical Center have been located in Paterson, N.J., since 1962. Here, a full-time technical staff evaluates customer fluids, utilizing modern, state-of-the-art test methods to make the proper recommendations to solve defoamer problems. Industry-specific laboratories are key in focusing on the varied markets served.

The United States manufacturing facility is located in Clover, S.C. This 20,000-square-foot facility is a modern, highly engineered plant on a seven-acre site with major expansion plans currently underway. Distribution warehouses are located throughout the country.

In the spring of 2000, Ultra Additives was acquired by M?nzing-Chemie of Heilbronn, Germany. M?nzing-Chemie, founded in 1830 by the M?nzing family, is a leading supplier of process chemicals in Europe and the Far East. In addition to defoamers, the company supplies emulsifiers, wetting agents, thickeners, polymeric dispersants, powder products and related additives for the adhesives, coatings, printing inks, leather-finishing, paint, paper and wastewater-treatment industries.

M?nzing parallels Ultra in philosophy - quality and customer satisfaction are foremost in day-to-day operations and have kept both privately owned companies growing steadily through the years. Both companies are ISO 9001 (Quality)- and 14001 (Environmental)-registered. The combined group now has production facilities in both Europe and the United States, with greater technological resources and a strong global presence to better service its customers worldwide and allow for aggressive growth.

Ultra has had a number of industry "firsts:" the first water-based latex epoxy swimming pool paint; the first liquid toner for electrostatic copiers; the first leveling and thickening agent for acrylic latex paints; the first paint driers for water-based paints (Aquacat); the first defoamer for water-based latex paints (M-15); and the first defoamer for metalworking lubricants. Gradually, the company moved away from finished coatings and towards coating additives. Today, 100% of Ultra's business is committed to providing defoamer solutions to the industries it serves.

Ultra markets its products under the trade names DEE FO, FOAM BAN, FOAMTROL, ZINPLEX, FOAMTEX and JETBURST to the paint and coatings, adhesives, printing inks, textile, metalworking, cleaners, detergents, food-processing, and water- and effluent-treatment industries. It is now selling M?nzing-Chemie's product line: AGITAN, METOLAT, TAFIGEL, EDAPLAN, METOLAT, LEUKONOL and OMBRELUB in the United States.

Ultra Additives, Inc., is dedicated to understanding and exceeding our customers expectations. Our commitment is to manufacture high-quality products that are delivered on time. With each shipment, our customers are purchasing the innovative technical resources of Ultra Additives, Inc.