Russell Finex Inc.

Russell Finex has introduced a new horizontal filter that offers even easier operation and maintenance along with high operating performance in terms of improved product quality, increased capacity and reduced maintenance costs.

The major benefit of the filter is the ability to dismantle and re-assemble the machine for screen change, product changeover and cleaning by one person without the need for tools. The end cap has the option of being fitted with a support arm and hinge arrangement that is held captive on the machine.

What sets the horizontal filter apart from other filters is the unique SprioKlene assembly, which provides continuous cleaning of the entire inner surface of the screen. The spiral positively drives oversize away from the filtration area, maintaining consistent flow rates while keeping the differential pressure low.

The Eco Filter Group has been designed to solve some of the problems inherent with processing a wide variety of products including all types of paints, inks, resins, glues, dispersions, liquid chocolate, emulsions, suspensions, coatings, water filtration and many other applications.

A range of models can handle throughputs from a few hundred liters/hr up to rates in excess of 100,000 liters/hr (26,400 gph) and keep pressure build up to a minimum, even at filtration levels down to an accurate 10 micron as well as temperatures up to 250 degrees C (480 degrees F). Filters with working pressures of 17.5 bar (250 psi) are also available.