An easy-to-handle, abrasion-resistant polyurea elastomer for the assembly of filter press belts used in dewatering industrial wastes is now available from Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc. The transparent system sets fast, cures at room temperature and produces durable, resilient bondlines that can withstand exposure to abrasive materials and fluids. Araldite AY 8683 resin/Hardener HY 8683 polyurea elastomeric adhesive bonds to a variety of dissimilar substrates including the stainless steel clip/closures and woven fabrics used for filter belts. The clear, light yellow-tinted elastomer is a low moisture sensitivity product with a parable mixed viscosity of 2,500 to 3,000 cP for good cloth penetration. After 24 hours at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C), it cures to a tough, Shore 95A hardness, with an elongation of 475%, peel strength of 100 pli (17.5 N/mm), and tear strength of 375 ppi (65.6 N/mm). This product can be mixed by hand or via meter/mix dispensing equipment.

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