Chem-Calk 2000 is available in 10.3-oz gun-grade cartridges and 20-oz sausage packs.
An advanced, one-component, premium-grade sealant that combines the best performance and aesthetic features of both silicone and urethane compounds is now available from Bostik Findley, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of adhesives and sealants. Bostik Chem-Calk 2000 Ultimate Formula Sealant is engineered with an innovative, proprietary, non-hazardous polymer technology that offers superior sealing capability with a broad array of common building materials to meet specific construction end-user needs for interior and exterior applications.

Environmentally friendly, Chem-Calk 2000 sealant is solvent-free, contains no isocyanates and has very low odor. Its low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) content makes it ideal for working in environmentally sensitive areas.

A multifunctional, high-performance sealant, Chem-Calk 2000 has been designed to function as a seal between many common building materials, including vinyl siding, most metals and various woods. Its non-sag properties make it highly suitable for vertical applications.

Specially formulated to accommodate dynamic joint movement of +25 percent, solvent-free Chem-Calk 2000 sealant retains its performance properties across a broad temperature range of -40 to 200 degrees F, making it ideal for applications in various climatic conditions.

Representing the latest generation of high-performance construction sealants, moisture-curing Chem-Calk 2000 meets or exceeds industry test requirements for one-component elastomeric joint sealants. A true multi-use product, it is suitable for new construction, repairs, renovation or remodeling applications. Among the many production and performance benefits are a fast cure rate, long-lasting adhesion and optimal aesthetic characteristics. The sealant can be painted with a high-quality acrylic latex paint, as well as most alkyd paints, and it will not, over time, discolor or "yellow" in normal applications.

Available in 10.3-oz gun-grade cartridges and 20-oz sausage packs, Chem-Calk 2000 has a 30-minute skin time. Its curing rate at 77 degrees F and 50-percent relative humidity is approximately 1/4-inch thickness in 24 to 36 hours. After 14 days of full cure, the sealant provides outstanding resistance to ozone, ultraviolet-light exposure, heat and aging.

Typical physical properties include a tensile strength of 260 psi, a modulus rating of 88 psi at 100-percent elongation and a Shore A hardness value of 33.

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