Adhesives Research has introduced ARclad 8904, a 5-mil double-faced tape with both a permanent and removable adhesive.

Adhesives Research Inc., a global developer and manufacturer of specialty pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology, has introduced ARclad 8904, a 5-mil double-faced tape with both a permanent and removable adhesive. This tape is used for bonding chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) polishing pads to granite or stainless steel platens used for semiconductor wafer polishing.

The permanent adhesive surface of this tape is designed to bond aggressively to the polishing pad material. It is a high-strength adhesive that will typically generate fiber-tearing bonds when using rotary lamination along with pressure and, when appropriate, heat assistance.

Under regular use and duration, the polishing pads used for CMP processes frequently need to be replaced. Manufacturers require that these pads remove cleanly without any adhesive residue. On the reverse side of ARclad 8940 is a removable adhesive that can be cleanly removed from polishing platens after use without a lot of force, even in wet environments. This optimizes productivity by eliminating labor costs associated with removing adhesive residue during rework, as well as reducing the potential for contamination.

This tape has been specifically designed to withstand the shear forces of polishing and provides resistance to water, extreme temperatures and conventional CMP slurries. It also features a blue polyethylene liner that is easy to identify and die-cut. The smooth liner is easy to remove, facilitating application of the tape and helping to minimize tears. Additionally, Adhesive Research’s technical sales and R&D staff is available to work directly with customers to determine optimum lamination conditions for their application.

Other Products and Applications

Adhesives Research offers several other categories of specialty PSAs and tape systems to the global electronics market under the ARclad and ARclean brand names. These include:

• Electronically clean, acrylic acid-free, ultra low-outgassing permanent and strippable tapes for hard disk drive assembly;

• High-performance adhesive technologies for wireless communications devices;

• Thermally conductive tapes for thermal management;

• Adhesive-coated foils and metallized fabrics for EMI shielding;

• Electrically conductive tapes for interconnections, static control and grounding;

• Foam bonding tape technology for nameplates, molded plastics and metals; and

• Foam, film, foil and transfer adhesive products suitable for bonding metals, plastics, wood, glass and painted surfaces.

Available in roll or sheet form, Adhesive Research’s PSA systems can be processed by tape converters and fabricators into die-cut components for electronics assembly and industrial applications.

About Adhesives Research Inc.

Adhesive Research’s pressure-sensitive adhesives are used around the world in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, display and window fabrication industries, as well as medical diagnostics and devices, wound care, pharmaceuticals/transdermals, consumer products and the pulp and paper industries. Founded in 1961, the company offers problem-solving capabilities and custom solutions in adhesive polymerization, mixing, adhesive coating and release liner design supported by extensive product development and analytical support.

Based in Glen Rock, PA, Adhesives Research also has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Ireland, manufacturing facilities in Australia and Columbia, sales offices in Great Britain, Germany, Singapore and Korea, and sales agents in Taiwan and Japan. A new Technical Center is planned for Singapore in 2003 to support the company’s growing Asian business.

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