Oklahoma Safety Equipment Co. Inc. introduces the new MVRB (Metal Vent Reverse Buckling) rupture panel. The high performance panel can avert catastrophic explosions caused by overpressures in dust collectors, conveyor systems, dryers and other equipment requiring precise pressure relief. It is designed for high operating ratio applications in the power generation, pharmaceutical, transportation, and chemical markets. It is the only rupture panel available that has a 90 percent operating ratio—a design feature that is essential in demanding applications in order to avoid premature panel rupture. The smooth surface of the MVRB prevents product buildup and contamination, making this panel well-suited for hygienic and sanitary services. The non-fragmenting design increases process safety in the event of panel rupture. The MVRB is compatible with a wide range of environments, performing consistently in high temperature applications up to 700 degrees F.

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