A new Filter-Regulator-Manifold (FRM) assembly kit from Nordson Corp. contains all of the parts required to supply the correct volumes of factory air to Nordson piston pump adhesive melters and pneumatic dispensing guns. Melter and gun performance are optimized by accurate airflow rate, leading to improved product quality and reduced product rejects. The FRM kit components are preassembled and include a choice of 40 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) or 120 scfm regulator, a triple scale gauge, a filter assembly with drain, a 16-output manifold, and all necessary fittings and plugs. According to John Raterman, vice president North American sales and service for Nordson, "The new FRM kit makes melter installation quick and easy. Until now, customers searched their tool rooms to find the right components or purchased them separately from multiple vendors, slowing melter installation and increasing the risk of improper installation and setup."

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