Westech Aerosol Corp. has announced the availability of a new HAPs-free solvent called WT-AR. This product does not contain any chemicals on the HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) list and is legal for use in the State of California and the marine industry, where environmental regulations are rigid. WT-AR removes solvent-based adhesives and is available in 13 oz and 9 lb canisters. The 13 oz can is recommended for the clean up of adhesive overspray. The 9 lb canister is ideal for flushing adhesive remnants from spraying accessories. The user simply unscrews the spray gun and hose from a glue canister (once empty) and attaches it to the WT-AR canister. Once the valve is open, the user pulls the trigger, sprays some WT-AR from the gun, and reattaches the accessories to a new glue canister. This eliminates clogging and assures a uniform spray pattern.

For more information, visit http://www.OK2SPRAY.com or call (877) 674-2010.