Polyglycerols in Industrial Applications, a new publication from Solvay Chemicals, Inc., reviews polyglycerols and their derivatives, which can be used in various industrial applications where there is an increasing need for safer and more ecological additives. The primary application of polyglycerols is their conversion to esters for incorporation in polymers as antifogging and antistatic agents, or lubricants. Polyglycerol esters can also be used as emulsifiers, stabilizers, dispersants or humectants in inks and agrochemical formulations; as antifoaming agents in the paper and wastewater industries; and in lubricants, drilling fluids, hydraulic fluids and cutting oils, to name a few. Polyglycerols can also be used as plasticizers in polymers, ink ingredients, or for polyurethane production. Applications, benefits, chemical structures, product comparisons and more are included in this comprehensive publication.

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