L.B. Bohle has introduces the new Bohle Turbo Mill BTM for high-speed milling of dry or moist ingredients. The unit incorporates an oscillating rotary valve to feed product into the milling chamber where a rotating stainless steel blade assembly reduces the product particles through impact or cutting. Depending upon application, the blade assembly can be reversed. For dry products, reduction is accomplished using the flat side of the blades; the knife-edge of the blades is used for moist products. Milled material is discharged through a fine mesh screen that regulates the finished product size. The screen can be quickly changed by removing a front cover plate. This eliminates the need to disturb the inlet and outlet connections. The impact mill is attached to a telescoping transport cart that allows easy movement and accurate placement of the mill for operation.

For more information, visit http://www.lbbohle.com.