Based in Sterling Heights, MI, EMC2designs and manufactures meter-mix dispensing systems for companies around the world. The company's strong reputation in the industry has been built through word of mouth, primarily among adhesive and sealant manufacturers. Since its start in 1977, the business has grown from supplying single dispensing units to designing, building, and installing large turnkey automated assembly lines.

EMC2 works with a number of adhesive and sealant manufacturers - as well as their customers - to provide a custom-built system for customers' needs.

"In essence, we form a partnership with all parties involved in a project so that the end result is satisfactory to all the partners," says owner William Dupree.

"No one needs our equipment if they don't have an adhesive application," he adds. "The adhesive suppliers need to recommend reliable equipment manufacturers. This makes their job easier over the long haul. When a customer has an adhesion problem, they call the adhesive supplier first. He doesn't want to get there only to keep finding equipment problems."

EMC2 ensures quality by manufacturing its equipment in-house. All design, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic work is done on-premises, thus making outside services unnecessary and preventing delays. The company also features an in-house machine shop.

"Our business philosophy," Dupree says, "is to supply the customer with what he needs for his application, not what we want to sell him. Our goal is to always try to exceed a customer's expectations. Satisfied customers return. We will never sell an inferior product just to meet a price."

The first step in the development process is to meet with a customer to determine their needs, specifications, available floor space and maintenance personnel's technical expertise. A meeting with EMC2's engineering staff is then scheduled to select a scenario that the company feels fits the customer's needs.

After a system is agreed upon, EMC2designs and builds the system on its own floor, keeping the customer aware of the progress as they go. Following completion of the system, the company does a tryout with the customer on its floor. Once it is approved, EMC2then crates and ships the assembly, reassembles it at the customer's plant, and also trains the customer.

While the timeline for the company's turnkey assembly varies from project to project, Dupree says it typically ranges from 3-8 weeks on small jobs and 18 weeks on large turnkey processes.

Because EMC2 is based near Detroit, it's not surprising to find that transportation comprises the largest part of its business.

"Transportation is the industry where large volumes of adhesive are applied at one time," Dupree says. "This lends itself to requiring large automation cells."

The company is looking to expand its business into other areas of application as well. "Now we are reaching out to other industries where our expertise with automation requiring adhesives can be utilized," Dupree says. "This includes medical, food, pharmaceutical, fuel cells, paint cans, sewer lining, cosmetics, etc. We are just starting to advertise to let these industries know we exist."

For more information, contact EMC2, 6855 19 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48314; phone (586) 254-1525; fax (586) 254-6649; or visit

SIDE BAR: EMC2 at a Glance

Headquarters:Sterling Heights, MI

Owner: William and Johnna Dupree

Founded: 1977

Number of employees: Approximately 40

Behind the name: The owner has a degree in physics and likes Einstein