Week of 1/2/06

ADM TRONICS: Waterproof Adhesive

AB2 Adhesive is a water-based laminating adhesive specially designed for laminations of foams and films. The product exhibits exceptional water resistance properties, with bonds maintained even after total submersion in water. This versatile adhesive achieves bonds off machine, though full water resistance develops through a self-curing period of 24 hours. AB2 Adhesive can be employed as a contact-bond adhesive by application to both sides to be laminated, drying until clear and then direct-mounting for an immediate bond. This adhesive can be applied using conventional laminating equipment, brush, or other direct application.

For more information, call (201) 767-6040 or e-mail sales@admtronics.com .

ASQ QUALITY PRESS: Auditing Handbook

The ASQ Auditing Handbook, Third Edition is a revised and fully updated version of the best-selling handbook that has served as a one-stop resource for quality, environmental, safety and health auditors, audit managers, audit teams, and other professionals in the field. Organized to correspond exactly with the ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Body of Knowledge (BoK), the book provides comprehensive coverage of nearly every aspect of the audit function. The Handbook is designed to provide practical guidance for system and process auditors. Practitioners in the field have provided content, ample audit situations, stories and review comments as the book has evolved. The Handbook also features the latest auditing terminology and communication technology.

For more information, visit http://www.qualitypress.asq.org .


New Gorilla Tape is 2 to 3 times thicker than conventional duct tape and packs significantly more of what makes tape work: adhesive. With 17 mils of thick, aggressive adhesive, this product offers a sticky grip that quickly adheres to surfaces that other tapes won't stick to, especially porous surfaces like brick and stucco. Gorilla Tape also features a touch all-weather shell that allows it to remain resilient in extreme weather and under harsh UV rays. And its reinforced backing uses a much higher thread count than the current industry standard, which allows for significantly enhanced flexibility and durability.

For more information, visit http://www.gorillatape.com .

MACTAC: Online Performance Guides

To help educate OEMs and converters on the applications, physical properties, chemical resistances and shelf lives of MACtac's pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, this company has made its product performance guides available online. These guides detail each PSA tape's adhesive, carrier, liner, thickness and temperature range. They also contain information on typical performance data, including results from quick tack, peel adhesion and shear tests. The performance guides can be used to obtain a general idea of standard product performance as well as application examples. Customers are encouraged to consult a MACtac sales representative to ensure that the right PSA tape is selected for an application. If a PSA tape does not meet a manufacturer's requirements, the company will work closely with customers to develop a PSA tape that will.

For more information, visit http://www.MACtac.com , call (800) 328-2619 or e-mail MACtactechnical@bemis.com .

PLASTICOLORS INC.: Updated Website

Plasticolors Inc. recently announced the launch of a renovated website offering readers a colorful, in-depth look at how the company utilizes the latest advancements in color and dispersion science to provide optimum solutions for each customer. The new site offers an "Ask the Chemist" option, wherein technical representatives from Plasticolors respond to visitors' questions. The site also features a special research and development area highlighting the company's color science and analytical capability, along with unique areas of interest that include UV protection and conductive and thickener technology. A glossary of industry terms and a variety of white papers are also featured on the site.

For more information, visit http://www.plasticolors.com or call (440) 997-5137.