Week of 1/9/06

D-MARK: Pleated Filters

This company has expanded its OdorGuard Plus Product Line to include 1", 2" and 4" Pleated Filters with adsorbent loadings of 125, 250, and 375 grams per square foot of filter area, respectively. The "Plus" pleats offer equal volumes of 60% activity activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with 5% potassium permanganate. This blend of adsorbents will remove a wide range of odors, VOCs and light gases, including ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Since no adhesives are used, all OdorGuard pleats offer low resistance and maximum adsorption properties. They are extremely clean, will not shed or dust in the application and have UL class 2 approval. They are available in standard and special sizes. A 12" deep "Rigid Cell" is currently under development.

For more information, visit http://www.dmarkinc.com .

DISPENSE WORKS INC.: Dispensing System

The Dispense Works RP Robot is available with a completely integrated RTV silicone dispensing system. A standard piggyback caulk tube holder now allows users to place the tube inside and twist the endcap to lock and pressurize the system. The included high-pressure valve automatically dispenses material over products in a controlled geometry. Parts remain stationary, which makes fixture simple as the valve moves from overhead in X/Y and Z dimensions. This path may be taught by the advanced Jog and Teach feature or imported as a CAD file such as .DXF, .PLT or G-Code. These popular benchtop machines are available in 12" x 15" or 24" x 15" format. In addition, the systems are available with 5 gal or 55 gal pail pumps.

For more information, visit http://www.dispenseworks.com , call (815) 363-3524 or e-mail info@dispenseworks.com .


The Adjusters' Gum Guide, available as both a printed book and CD-ROM, assists envelope manufacturers in selecting the best adhesives and in resolving and preventing common envelope-production problems. Both resources provide information and color illustrations and photos on various types of gum used, the requirements each type of gum must meet, best practices and troubleshooting hints. The guide can be used to reinforce the knowledge of experienced adjusters or to train new adjusters.

For more information, call (800) 797-4992 or e-mail nscinquiry@salessupport.com .

NORCROSS CORP.:Viscosity Control System

The Norcross VISC6000 Viscosity Control System is a PLC-based process control system that operates viscosity sensors and can monitor and control up to 10 stations through an intuitive touch-screen interface. Featuring trend plot software, this control system displays trend data for each station in real-time, provides data logging from one hour up to seven days, and permits set-point and other viscosity parameter adjustments on-the-fly. Capable of displaying actual viscosity and automatic/manual mode for each trend plot, the VISC6000 Viscosity Control System can be equipped with pH and temperature control options. Compatible with all Norcross equipment, it can be easily retrofit to existing applications, which include adhesives, chemicals, coatings, lacquers, inks and more.

For more information, visit http://www.viscosity.com , call (617) 969-7020 or e-mail james@viscosity.com .


Specialty Adhesives for Graphic Arts Applications is an 8-page brochure that provides specific product and application information on single- and double-coated tapes, transfer adhesives and foam tapes for printing and graphic applications including nameplates, specialty labels, point of purchase/exhibit displays, image mounting, and picture framing. More than 30 products for nameplate and specialty label applications create permanent, reliable bonds on most metals, glass, plastics, wood, composites, and painted surfaces. These products may be used on polycarbonate, aluminum low-energy surfaces and other nameplate and label materials. Sixteen double-coated films, foams and transfer adhesives provide permanent or temporary performance on point-of-purchase and exhibit displays. For image mounting, the literature highlights 10 products that adhere to substrates, including polystyrene, foam board and expanded PVC. These acrylic and rubber/acrylic adhesives laminate well, exhibit good heat resistance, provide good aging properties and will not discolor images.

For more information, visit http://www.scapana-pg.com or call (800) 653-5294.