Valcor Engineering Corp., long one of the world's largest suppliers of cryogenic valves for the aerospace industry, has now leveraged its expertise to develop a family of commercial cryogenic solenoid valves for use in industrial applications. To accommodate as broad an array of designs as possible, Valcor's cryogenic solenoid valve line comes in two distinct configurations. The company's SV91 series uses Valcor's patented shear seal design - a gate-type configuration that allows optimal flow rate with minimum turbulence. With its small size and low power consumption, the SV91 series is ideal for applications such as high-volume cryogenic transfers, thermal chambers and bleed valves. The SV95 and SV97 series are comprised of poppet-style valves perfect for use in high-cycle applications. Designed with Valcor's proprietary constant-load Teflon® or PFA seal disk, these valves deliver bubble-tight shut-off the first time, every time.

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