Effective August 1, ANGUS Chemical Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company, will take responsibility for the product management of UCARLNK XL-29SE crosslinker, a product formerly housed under Dow's Epoxy Products and Intermediates (EP&I) global business unit. ANGUS is a market-focused, solutions-driven specialty chemicals business with a focus on nitroalkane-based chemistry across a wide variety of markets. ANGUS is already strongly aligned with the key applications where UCARLNK is used, including paints and coatings, leather tanning and adhesives, and offers extensive knowledge and experience within these markets. As part of the transition, the UCARLNK product family will be rebranded under the ZOLDINE brand to align more directly with the ANGUS product portfolio, which includes a range of ZOLDINE oxazolidine crosslinkers. The product specifications will remain unchanged and will continue to be manufactured at Dow's plant in West Virginia.

For more information, visit http://www.angus.com.