GE Advanced Materials, Silicones has announced the acquisition of a group of high-quality silylated polyurethane resins from Witton Chemicals Ltd., a U.K.-based company, to complement the launch of GE's third generation of SPUR+ prepolymers into the coatings, adhesives, and sealants industries. All of GE's silylated polyurethanes - including the complementary Witton products that will be offered under GE's SPUR+ trademark - have proven compatibility. The SPUR+ prepolymers are free of isocyanates and plasticizers, and offer an array of superior properties, such as ease-of-use, low viscosity, paintability, longer shelf life, and improved chemical resistance and mechanical performance. Witton, which has built a reputation in Europe for high-quality products for the adhesives and sealants industry, has worked closely with both GE and GE's previously acquired OSi Specialties business since 1996. Two Witton products, WSP 725 and WSP 627, will become SPUR+ 1010 LM prepolymer (low modulus) and SPUR+ 1050 MM prepolymer (medium modulus), respectively.

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